WILMSLOW Animal Sanctuary is looking to find a forever home for cats Margot and Beryl.

The sanctuary aims to rescue and re-home unwanted, abandoned, stray and ill-treated animals.

Nicola Foster, volunteer, said: “Independent Margot has been a resident at the sanctuary for more than 10 months and we would love for her to find a home before the one-year milestone in October.

“She was once someone’s pet but despite having a microchip it was sadly useless because the details were out of date.

“Woodcroft vets took in this little stray and following a check-up she came to us looking for a fresh start.

“She will come to you for food and is content to sit next to you but when you reach towards her, she can become suspicious of your intentions.

“We do not know why this is, it maybe learned defensive behaviour from her past as a reaction to poor care or perhaps abuse of some kind.”

Margot has not enjoyed the company of other cats whilst at the sanctuary, so the charity is looking for a home with no young children and no other cats.

Nicola added: “We never give up hope on any of our residents and Margot is no exception, we believe in the right environment she has the potential to become a more friendly and handleable cat.”

The charity is also looking for a home for Beryl, who has been living at the sanctuary since March.

Nicola said: “Despite offers of help, her previous owners felt they couldn’t deal with her Hyperthyroid condition, so at the age of 13 Beryl’s world was turned upside down when she found herself with us.”

Since living at the sanctuary Beryl has successfully pulled through the operation to have her thyroid removed so she no longer requires medication.

The charity has now fixed her dental issues so she is now in full health and is raring to go into her later years with a newly found zest for life.

Nicola added: “Beryl is a sweet, confident girl with an independent streak who wants nothing more than a quiet retirement home, she is a very undemanding lady. She would be suitable for a home with children and possibly with other cats of a quiet temperament.”

For more information call the sanctuary on 01625 520 802 to speak with an office volunteer.

Alternatively, leave a message with your contact details. To view the rehoming policy visit heswilmslow.co.uk/adopt-an-animal/