I RAN an open training session last week for owners unable to resolve their dog problems.

It gave me time to analyse and deal with individual behaviour problems.

Looking through the information supplied by the owners I expected some really tough cases.

One handler claimed her dog was terrified of horses.

Another two said their dogs chased cyclists.

Five said their dogs were afraid of water while another dog had severe food aggression.

At least half those attending said their dogs would not come back when called if there was another dog around.

I asked two horse riders to come by as we walked along a country lane.

Holding the lead of the ‘problem’ dog I strolled along anticipating nothing and that’s exactly what happened…nothing.

We rode a bike past the dogs reputed to chase cyclists.  Given a few minutes education and some firm guidance both dogs ignored the passing bike.

All but one of the dogs swam (including those ‘fearful’ of water) and a young cocker crossed the water faster than torpedo.

I asked the owner with the food aggressive dog to bring the food most likely to trigger the aggressive behaviour.

After five minutes working with him I took the food away without even a growl.  I then placed it back down and told him to ‘leave it’ and he did exactly that.

Owners were astounded when all their dogs did a recall in an open field with other dogs present proving that all those perceived problems were owner generated.

Dog’s behaviour changes when owners learn to change theirs.

We have new outdoor classes at Astbury Mere at 10am on Saturday and at the Cheshire Smoke House in Wilmslow at 6.30pm on Monday evenings.

Just check out my website vicbarlow.com for more information or text me on 07590 560012 if you would like to join us.


By Vic Barlow ' The Dogfather'