MALCOLM Quayle took top spot at Saturday’s Holmes Chapel Gooseberry Show with an Edith Cavell weighing in at 28 penny weights and 15 grains in the Premier Berry class.

Show vice-secretary Andrew Anderson said: “We had a lovely day in the Victoria Club, with extra support from the cricket team who had their game cancelled due to the wet weather.

“We also had visitors from the RHS Bridgewater Garden, a project in Salford, where they would like some gooseberry trees for the walled garden.

“We had 10 members show this year and others came to support, as did friends and family for our presentation.

“We look forward to our 196th year and welcome new members or anyone else showing an interest in this most precious of local societies.”


Triplets (Palmer Cup)

Lord Derby M Quayle 19.09

Heaviest Twins (Garden News Shield)

Lloyd George M Quayle 33.03

Twins Red

G Freer Lord Derby 31.09

Twins Yellow

M Quayle Edith Cavell 31.23

Twins Green

M Condliffe Bank View 27.17

B Stafford Bank View 22.18

Twins White (Uriah Plant Cup)

I Wylie Fascination 22.15

I Wylie Fascination 18.17

G Freer Fascination 17.10

Maiden Growers

J Jackson Fascination 8.02

Premier Berries

Stewards Prize (Ansell Cup)

M Quayle Edith Cavell 28.15

D Monks Millennium 22.07

B Stafford Lord Derby 21.15

G Freer Lloyd George 20.17

Dr I Wylie Firbob 17.18

M Condliffe Bank View 16.17

T Bourne Kitchener 11.15

J Jackson Fascination 8.02

Mrs E Dale Surprise 3.03


M Quayle Lloyd George 23.08

M Quayle Lloyd George 23.03

G Freer Lord Derby 17.08

G Freer Lord Derby 17.02

B Stafford Just Betty 14.18

B Stafford Lord Derby 14.17

M Condliffe Lloyd George 7.18

J Jackson Lord Derby 6.12

M Condliffe Lord George 5.07

Yellow (C Burt Trophy)

M Quayle Edith Cavell 27.05

M Quayle Edith Cavell 24.04

G Freer Millennium 20.10

G Freer Millennium 20.07

D Monks Millennium 17.10

D Monks Millennium 15.14

Dr I Wylie Firbob 15.03

M Condliffe Edith Cavell 14.16

Dr I Wylie Firbob 14.01


M Quayle Surprise 21.05

G Freer Surprise 18.18

M Quayle Surprise 18.04

B Stafford Surprise 18.00

G Freer Surprise 17.13

M Condliffe Surprise 14.14

M Condliffe 14.06

B Stafford Surprise 9.12

Mrs E Dale Surprise 2.18


M Quayle Newton Wonder 23.16

M Quayle Newton Wonder 22.12

G Freer Newton Wonder 20.05

G Freer Newton Wonder 19.11

Dr I Wylie Fascination 16.12

Dr I Wylie Fascination 18.08

M Condliffe Lord Kitchener 14.14

B Stafford Newton Wonder 13.21

M Condliffe Lord Kitchener 13.11

Best Beaten Berry

M Quayle Woodpecker 25.00

Fred Pattle Championship Plate

G Freer Millennium

Sproston Cup Lord Derby

G Freer

Colour Plates True To Name


1 M Quayle Lloyd George

2 B Stafford Just Betty


1 M Quayle Edith Cavell

2 M Condliffe Edith Cavell


1 M Condliffe Bank View

2 B Stafford Bank View


1 Dr I Wylie Fascination

Mixed Plate One Colour


1 M Quayle

2 B Stafford


1 M Quayle

2 M Condliffe


1 G Freer

2 M Condliffe


1 G Freer

Mixed Plate 3 of each colour

1 M Quayle

Half Plate for growers not winning a plate

1 J Jackson


Malcolm Quayle with his Premier Berry trophy