SUE Beesley from Bluebell Cottage Gardens and Nurseries has struck gold twice in as many months.

Sue’s garden in the Floral Marquee at RHS Tatton won gold, following the same accolade for her garden entry at RHS Chatsworth in June.

“I have exhibited at the RHS Tatton show for 13 years, and this year have achieved something I haven’t done before,” said Sue.

“I only do two shows, Tatton and Chatsworth, and for the first time I have got golds at both shows. I am very proud.

“It’s the first year I have managed 100 per cent golds, and we used completely different sets of plants for the two shows.”

Sue said she attempted to make her RHS Tatton garden very realistic.

“It’s got to be beautiful and hit the show standards, but at the same time not be too false,” she said.

“I don’t know what plants I am going to use until I get nearer the show, and I don’t know quite how I’m going to set it out.

“I just use the best plants I have and arrange them on the day.

“I am thrilled to bits about the gold medal, and have some lovely, loyal customers and visitors who enjoying coming to visit.

“People walk up to my garden and say – oh, that’s Sue’s. They look for me, and like the way of blending plants together in realistic combinations.

“I want them to think – that looks fab – I could do that and could have that.

“It took me five years in the marquee before I got a gold medal, so it took a bit of practice.

“I keep all my gold medals in the tea room we have which is open to the public, although I’m running out of shelf space!”

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