VILLAGERS are being asked for their views on renting an allotment and providing seating for residents.

The invitation comes from Peter Whiers, the project officer at Holmes Chapel Partnership.

Peter said he believed there was a demand within the village for allotments, ‘especially when you consider that growing your own vegetables is now getting to be very trendy’.

He said: “Young families are also taking up this activity as a way of getting out into the fresh air and doing some physical activity.

“We have three challenges, finding the land, finding the money to buy and convert the land into allotments, and finally running the allotments as a community, not-for-profit, project.

“If you would like to register an interest in renting an allotment, have land to sell, or would like to support the Partnership to achieve our aim, we would like to hear from you.”

The Partnership is exploring the possibility of providing a shelter for the youngsters in the village to use, so they can meet up in a place of their own.

Peter added: “Having presented to our Youth Council at the start of May, and then meeting with a smaller sub-group of the Youth Council, the Youth Council is now assisting the Partnership to find out exactly what type of seating or shelters it would like to see.

“I await the results of its survey with interest. However, having now discussed this project more widely, it strikes me that, as a village, we have very few seating facilities that allow a group of people to sit together.

“So I believe we need to think about the whole community and come up with a plan that suits everybody’s needs.

“This might mean we have different types of meeting point seating/shelters for different parts of the village. The possibilities are endless, but sadly the funding is not.”

Peter has included a few images of the types of shelters which could be installed, and is inviting people to share their thoughts on whether they would like to see a shelter, and where would it be placed.

Anyone who would like to comment can email Peter at