PRIMARY school children transformed their school hall into a rainforest to raise awareness about the impact of palm oil production on the earth.

The children are pupils at Lower Peover Primary School, and have been learning about palm oil production and its effects on the planet as part of a whole school curriculum project on conservation.

The children also created sculptures and art work, wrote to companies, created adverts and posters and wrote poetry.

Knutsford Guardian:

Worldwide production of palm oil increased four-fold between 1995 and 2015, and a similar rise is expected by 2050.

Most of the world’s palm oil is produced in Malaysia and Indonesia, and while its growing demand has boosted incomes there is concern about the environmental impact of rapidly-growing production.

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Headteacher Sharon Dean said: “We began our project by the children coming into school to find it boarded up, with a demolition order from the council.

Knutsford Guardian:

“We then imagined how this is how it must feel for the animals who are having their habitats destroyed for palm oil.

“We visited Chester Zoo to observe some of the endangered animals and to find out more about what Chester Zoo is doing to help the palm oil crisis.

“After this each class set about learning about the effects of palm oil through a different endangered animal.

Knutsford Guardian:

“The children have written letters to large companies, created adverts to warn of the effects of non-sustainable palm oil, constructed emotive poetry to capture the devastation and put up posters around the school and local area to raise awareness.

“They also created sculptures and artwork to show the beauty of the endangered animals, and sang songs to communicate their concern for the planet’s future due to deforestation from palm oil production.

Knutsford Guardian:

“The children believe one promise to change can make a difference and that as children of the future they must act.

“All the work culminated in a whole school exhibition in the school hall, which was transformed into a rainforest, to showcase the children’s passion for learning and raise awareness in the wider community.

“The wonderful work produced received some special visitors, including workforce from Chester Zoo and the Knutsford Mayor.”

Knutsford Guardian: