HEADTEACHER Simon Cotterill is backing police in their bid to tackle parking issues outside two Knutsford primary schools.

Mr Cotterill leads Manor Park School, which is on the same road as the nearby St Vincent’s Primary School.

Police are looking to work with council officers to enforce parking regulations outside the schools, having spoken to almost 30 drivers over the past few weeks in relation to parking offences at the schools.

Each of the drivers has been issued with an advisory notice by police, which appears to have had the desired effect, as officers have not had to speak to the same person twice.

However police are to continue to patrol outside the schools as regularly as possible, and are also looking at undertaking patrols with council enforcement officers.

PCSO Chris Pountain said: “Drivers who have been spoken to have been issued with an advisory notice, which means their registrations have been noted, and if they are seen to be committing further offences a Fixed Penalty Notice will be issued.”

Mr Cotterill said: “Our school fully supports PCSO Pountain with parking concerns outside Manor Park School and St Vincent’s.

“Over the past 12 months we have worked closely with the local council, residents and parents to ensure the roads outside our school are safe for children and families at all times, but in particular at morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up.

“New road markings and signage have been installed and additional bollards have also been installed.

“Parking and general traffic outside schools during busy times of the day is a concern nationally, and the more it is highlighted and discussed the more aware of the dangers that are involved.”

He stressed that the parking issues being addressed by police were a problem for many schools, not just Manor Park.

St Vincent’s headteacher Gràinne Davies said: “We would encourage all parents and carers to park responsibly when dropping children off and collecting from school. The safety of all our children is paramount.”

PCSO Pountain added: “Some comments have been passed saying that anyone found to be committing an offence should be fined straight away.

“I believe in education, and by speaking with drivers at the roadside at the time of the offence and issuing an advisory notice gives them a chance to consider what they have done, which in turn will hopefully result in the same driver not committing any further offences.

“However, the purpose of the advisory is that we have the registration, so if drivers choose to ignore this we will then look at enforcement action.

“So far over the past three weeks 27 drivers have been spoken to, and not once have I had to speak to the same driver twice. This would suggest giving an advisory on the first offence is working.

“We are going to continue to patrol here as regular as possible. We will also be looking at carrying out patrols with Cheshire East enforcement, who will be able to assist us with dealing with these matters.

“The whole purpose of enforcing these restrictions is to make sure your child can get to and from school safely.”