CHESHIRE Fire has released pictures highlighting why you should always close your doors at night. 

The fire started in an electrical box in the hallway of the house last Sunday and caused extensive damage.

Firefighters needed breathing equipment to tackle the blaze. 

But Cheshire Fire chiefs said the damage to the property would have been much worse if the family had left the internal doors open.

The photos show the damage to the room opposite the fuse box was limited because the door was closed.

On the other side, the fire was intense enough to begin to peel plaster off the walls.

Knutsford Guardian:

The incident happened in Barnton near Northwich but has been shared by Cheshire Fire as a warning to everyone.

Homeowner Neal Salomon, 39, said: “We were in at the time and we were awake so we were all able to get out quickly.

“There was significant damage to the room with the fuse box in and the main bathroom because that door wasn’t closed and there was still some damage in the other rooms but it was all on the surface, so the carpet needs changing, things like that.

"I was surprised at the difference a door could make.”

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Knutsford Guardian:

Shortly before the fire Neal’s children, twin girls aged 10 and a boy aged 11, had a firefighter visit their school to talk about the importance of closing doors and escape routes.

Crew manager Daryl Codling, from Northwich Fire Station, said: “The pictures give a graphic demonstration of the importance of closing doors as part of a night time routine.

“Closing doors can limit fire spread and damage throughout a property and can allow people to escape.”

Cheshire Fire home safety advice is available here.