We had a brilliant master class last weekend with people and their dogs attending from far and wide.

One of the most commonly asked questions by owners was how to get their dogs to recognise them as leader.

Pack animals are programmed to obey commands from above unless that command is something they want to do (in which case they will do it anyway).

It’s important for your dog to respect you as leader, one day it could save his life.

If your dog was chasing a cat across a main road it would be a life-saver if you could tell him to stop and return to you.

However, he definitely won’t do it unless he believes you are higher up the pecking order than he is.  Dogs are monitoring how the ‘pack’ works all the time.

They are mentally positioning and repositioning how they fit into the mix.

Being one step ahead of your dog will earn you serious points in the Leadership stakes.

Showing him that you understand how his mind works will help put a stop to most unwanted behaviour before it occurs.

Before a dog lunges at another dog he will make eye contact.   Left unchecked it will become a prolonged stare.

As that stare intensifies he will prepare to make his move.

The earlier you intervene the easier it will be to redirect his attention.

If you leave it too long then your dog won’t be able to listen to himself let alone you and he will lunge.

Letting him know you are on to him at an early stage will gain you considerable respect.

This is better done in the puppy phase of his life when it’s so much easier to impress him.

With time and understanding you will become a real team working together in harmony.

We have a new puppy class starting next week.

If you want to join any of my classes you can email me at vicbarlow@icloud.com or text me on 07590 560012.      


By Vic Barlow - The Dogfather