PUPILS are being invited to take up a barefoot challenge to experience life for children without shoes.

Children at Mobberley Primary School are being encouraged to donate their old school shoes to help poor children in developing countries.

The school is supporting Sal’s Shoes, a charity which accepts donations of children’s shoes and redistributes them worldwide and in the UK to children in great need.

Headteacher Damien Stenson said: “Our children are very fortunate – others around the world are not as fortunate. It is thought that 300 million children worldwide do not have shoes to wear.

“Many children in developing countries cannot attend school unless they have shoes, and millions of children regularly suffer illness due to infections of the feet.”

On the last day of term Mobberley pupils will have the chance to donate their school shoes to Sal’s Shoes. The shoes will be sent to a needy child in another part of the world.

Parents are also being invited to send in a £3 donation to cover the cost of packaging and transport for each pair of shoes donated.

Damien added: “The children can bring a pair of slippers or trainers to wear in place of the donated shoes.

“If any child wishes to fully experience a small taste of life for a child without shoes, they will have permission to walk barefoot from their classrooms out to be collected by their parents that evening.

“This is completely optional, and obvious caution should be taken to avoid any injuries.

“However, it would be a very powerful demonstration of our connection with these children who have no choice but to walk each day without shoes.”

You can find out more about Sal’s Shoes at salsshoes.com or facebook.com/salsshoes1