POLAR States launched their new EP ‘All You Couldn’t See’ in the Sound Basement in Liverpool on Saturday night and it was easy for all to see why there is so much hype surrounding this band.

In the last two months the band has supported Toploader and performed at Pub in the Park with Cast and Fun Lovin’ Criminals and they also have European dates scheduled.

The bands new six track EP is set to be released on Friday, June 21 and if their performance on Saturday was a sign of things to come then the future looks bright for this young Liverpool band.

Polar States were fantastic to watch, both with their songs and interactions with the crowd- this is a group who are confident in their performance and in their writing.

Bassist Anthony Jardine, from Knutsford, was delighted with how the EP launch events went for the band.

Anthony said: “Interacting with the crowd does come naturally to us, but we do always try and find new ways of making sure people are involved in our shows.

“This weekend was really special for us. Having so many people come and see us in Liverpool and Manchester and to have people singing the songs back to us it really was brilliant.”

A personal highlight of the gig was the song ‘Sleeping Rough’, a new track that does not feature on the new EP.

It focuses issue of homelessness in the country right now and it is always refreshing to see a young band willing and able to tackle problems in society and still sticking to their own distinctive sound.

After the EP launch gigs the band’s next stop was France.

Anthony said: “We have a show in Paris and then we are actually doing a DJ set after that as well.

“After these gigs we are going to start writing again soon but we can’t say much more than that at the moment.

“It’s just a great feeling to finally be releasing this EP. It feels like we’ve been sitting on it for ages now and we cannot wait for it to release on Friday.”

The band were signed late last year after releasing their single ‘Roads’ and they had a number of offers to consider, but eventually the band signed to Killing Moon Records, the same label for kick starting the careers of Jack Garratt and Fickle Friends.

For more information on Polar States and the new EP visit the website polarstates.com