HOLMES Chapel Comprehensive School is set to boast classrooms to ‘rival the very best anywhere’ by the autumn.

So says the school’s headteacher Denis Oliver as work began on a £500,000 building project at the school.

“Over the next three months we will be completing the next exciting phase of our school site development strategy,” said Mr Oliver.

“The ambitious programme of works will see an investment of over £500,000 and enable the safe and easier movement of students through the site.”

The project includes a full refurbishment of the oldest part of the school, and takes in seven of the busiest classrooms.

“By the time the school reopens after the summer break the classrooms and interlinking walkways will be up and running,” said Mr Oliver.

“We expect the refurbished block to rival the very best classrooms anywhere, and it will significantly improve the teaching and learning environment for students and staff.”

Mr Oliver said it was also planned to create a large covered area at the back of the school to provide a large new outdoor covered space where students would be able to spend their breaks and eat lunch if they wished.

The building programme will take 11 weeks to complete, and it is therefore necessary to start the work during the last few weeks term, when years 11 and 13 have left.

“This gives us the replacement classroom spaces needed to accommodate the seven classes that will be affected by the building work each period of the day,” said Mr Oliver.

“We will be trying to minimise the disruption to normal lesssons.

“The driving force behind the changes is the need to quickly and easily allow students to move between the front and back of the school.

“We are working with the governors to ensure that we continue to provide the very best teaching and learning opportunities available.

“Throughout the project the highest priority will be placed on maintaining a safe environment for all, and an appropriate atmosphere in our examination rooms.”