POLICE and firefighters dealt with a series of crashes yesterday (Saturday) in Wilmslow.

Wilmslow Police said beat management and response officers attended three consecutive collisions yesterday afternoon during challenging conditions; an overturned car on the A34, a car on top of a hedge in Bonis Hall Lane and a car through a hedge on the A34.

Knutsford Guardian:

Police dealt with a number of crashes yesterday

Knutsford Guardian:

A car went through a hedge

Police said on the Wilmslow Police Facebook page: "Miraculous escapes for all occupants."

Knutsford Guardian:

Wilmslow Fire Station posted this picture (above) of an overturned car on the A34 by Polar Ford.

The Facebook post said: "The occupants of the vehicle managed to walk away with minimal injuries, please be careful with the current wet spell we are experiencing as it’s very slippy."