HOLMES Chapel Partnership is seeking support for a plan to create allotments in the village.

The idea is being taken forward by partnership projects officer Peter Whiers, who is keen to gauge the level of interest for having allotments in Holmes Chapel.

Hazel Sutcliffe, the new chairman of the partnership, said it was important initially to establish how many people were interested in the initiative before taking it forward.

“It’s a shame that we don’t have any allotments in the village, and we would be grateful if people could contact Peter to express their interest,” said Hazel.

“Please also contact Peter if you would be interested in renting an allotment in Holmes Chapel, or perhaps would like to share one with a group of friends.”

The partnership is also keen to hear from any landowners who may have plots suitable for allotments, for which the partnership could seek funding.

You can contact Peter at Projects@hcpartnership.org.uk

Hazel has been associated with the Partnership since its inception, and has been involved in most of the major projects.

She said: “My association with Holmes Chapel goes back further than most, since my great grandfather moved here at the beginning of the 20th century.

“I studied and worked in different parts of the UK and in Europe for over 20 years and then came back to my roots – in fact directly back, since my husband and I moved into what was my family home three years ago.

“I am what some call ‘old Holmes Chapel’, but am keen to reach out to ‘new Holmes Chapel’ so the village continues to have that same community feel as it grows.

“I am often to be seen out and about on my bike. I am a keen gardener and naturalist and try to be as ‘green’ as I can. My husband, Pete, and I keep bees and produce honey.

“In my working life I was a teacher of modern languages and still retain an affinity with and close ties to Europe.

“I run a French ‘talking shop’ for the U3A, write and mark examinations in German.

“I have close family living in Germany - our younger daughter is a biodiversity expert working on a project at Goettingen University.

“Our other daughter lives with her German partner and two small children near Oxford.”