THE Brexit Party was the clear national winner in the UK's European elections followed by the pro-EU Liberal Democrats.

The Conservatives and Labour suffered heavy losses across the country, with the former expected to get less than 10% of the vote.

Here's how Cheshire East voted

Change UK - The Independent Group 3,944

Conservative and Unionist Party 12,142

English Democrats 629

Green Party 14,230

Labour Party 9,807

Liberal Democrats 24,633

The Brexit Party 36,701

UK European Union Party (UKEUP) 474

UK Independence Party (UKIP) 3,373

Aslam, Mohmmad 92

Robinson, Tommy 1,176

Total number of rejected ballot papers = 662

The Brexit Party won three seats in the north west, Labour two, Liberal Democrats two and the Green Party one.

Elected in the region are Claire Fox, Brexit Party, Henrik Nielsen, Brexit Party, David Bull, Brexit Party, Theresa Griffin, Labour, Julie Ward, Labour, Chris Davies, Liberal Democrats, Jane Brophy, Liberal Democrats, and Gina Dowding, Green Party.

The Brexit Party won 541,843 votes, Labour 380,193, Liberal Democrats 297,507, Green Party 216,581, Conservatives 131,002, UKIP 62,464, Change UK – The Independent Group 47,237, Tommy Robinson 38,908, English Democrats 10,045, UK European Union Party 7,125, Mohammad Aslam 2,002.