TEN students from Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School were invited to Manchester University to take part in a live cryptography challenge to celebrate their success in the Alan Turing Cryptography Competition.

A school spokesman said: “Finishing in the top 20 teams out of more than 1,000 across the UK definitely deserves a party.

“After a delicious lunch the two teams battled it out against more than 60 teams from around the country.

“The students were given a map with the task of cracking three codes, with one of the groups finishing in fifth place. We certainly had a successful day at the School of Mathematics.”

The students also experienced a lecture in a university lecture theatre, and learned about artificial intelligence.

Following on from their Maths Challenge success, Jake Roberts, Martha Townend, Abbie Groves and James Petty took part in the Olympiad competition.

Nationally 570 pupils took part in this elite further competition. Martha and Jake received merit certificates.

Sam Burkinshaw, Isabel Badger, Max Morris, Dan Jackson and Olivia Fernando qualified for the shorter Kangaroo competition. Sam came in the top 25 per cent, achieving a merit certificate.