During the summer I take my Dog Behaviour Clinic on the road. I want to reach out to as many dogs and their owners who need help as I can.

People have busy lives and although they intend to join a training class somehow the months fly by and before you know it that little dog they acquired is now a fully grown boisterous dog with all sorts of behaviour issues.

Usually I can demonstrate that with understanding and a good training regime – now Buster can become the calm, sensible dog they always wanted. It’s not an overnight fix and it takes time and commitment to get a dog into balance and that’s where owners struggle.

Sometimes the demands of their job and family prevent owners attending a weekly class and it frustrates me as much as it does them to know that their dog is not going to get the help he needs.

I fretted over this for a number of years determined to find a way to give these dogs and their owners the knowledge to build a great relationship. Finally I introduced a two-day Master Class where I cover an eight-week training course in one weekend.

Two full days of training enable me and my team to work directly with each dog on a one-to-one basis giving the owner some positive hands-on practical advice.

It’s a lot of fun and almost always ends up with me walking all the dogs together to prove what can be done regardless of your time limitations.

Our next Master Class takes place on June 22/23 and will be limited to 16 dogs. (We have a team of four trainers so that’s one trainer to four dogs) Our HQ will be the Victory Hall in Mobberley from where we will travel to different training grounds in the vicinity. By the end of the second day you will see some real changes in your dog’s behaviour (and some very happy owners).

If you would like to join my June22/23 Master Class you can email me at vicbarlow@icloud.com or text me on 07590 560012.