VILLAGERS are suspicious that land off Moss Lane in Mobberley may be turned into a travellers’ site or airport parking.

So says a Town Lane resident, who has expressed concern over an application to vary a condition of approved plans for the building of a stable block on the site and changing its use to equestrian.

Chris Dring from Huddersfield is seeking approval from Cheshire East Council to reword a condition to amend the approved site plan to show an area of temporary hardstanding.

A resident from Rajar Cottages in Town Lane wrote to Cheshire East, stating: “There is mounting tension that the plans for this land may not be as first envisaged, and there is growing suspicion among villagers that this land may be turned into a travellers’ site or airport parking - which are inappropriate for our village and not what Cheshire East had envisaged for the land.

“Cheshire East need to investigate this matter urgently and properly, otherwise they may face a huge backlash from a village which is not fearful to make challenges and instigate investigations, regardless of cost.”

A Moss Lane resident wrote to the council, saying: “This is a retrospective application for substantial engineering works that commenced in mid-February without planning permission.”

They said works completed so far included hardstanding to an area far wider than shown in the plans, and a 1.8-metre metal fence and 1.8-metre high boarded fence, neither shown in the plans.

The resident added: “No detail is given of the cross-section of the hardstanding nor detail of the materials or drainage.

“The engineering works completed include the removal of a significant amount of banking and hedging, none of which is shown in the plans.

“No explanation is given as to why the building of such a small stable block would require any temporary hardstanding.”

The stable block and change of land use to equestrian were approved in November 2017.

Solicitors Butcher and Barlow are objecting to the condition variation application on behalf of Anthony and Nicholas Brighouse and Brighouse Farmers Limited.

They said their clients had occupied for more than 50 years a field intended to be enveloped within the development, and the planned change of use would exclude their clients from using the field, which was integral to their farming system.

The deadline for comments on the application, reference 19/1861M, is May 30.