RAIL passengers can enjoy art work showcasing iconic buildings which has been installed at Goostrey Railway Station.

The work includes the home of author Alan Garner and Jodrell Bank, and features on the second of two banners mounted beside the station platform.

Both were commissioned by Friends of Goostrey Station (FOGS), and are part of Station Connections, an art project by the Crewe to Manchester and South East Manchester Community Rail Partnerships.

The art work has been created by Eamonn Murphy, and aims to capture the spirit of communities which use the lines.

The work features well-known local buildings and landmarks, created in a style evoking travel in times past.

FOGS chairman Craig Sidebotham said: “The digitally-produced images are part of a Community Rail project featuring iconic buildings close to local railway lines.

“Northern Rail chose two structures to represent Goostrey; the Old Medicine House, which is the home of author Alan Garner and his wife Griselda, and the Lovell telescope at Jodrell Bank.”

The designs are in a style reminiscent of the classic posters of the 1920s and 1930s, and the project is aimed at increasing the number of visitors to the sites illustrated and to promote travel by train.

After discussion Eamonn agreed to create two banners especially for Goostrey.

FOGS members asked him to use images which reflected the stations along the Crewe to Manchester line. As a result the title of both banners is Goostrey Connections.

More information about the project can be found at stationconnections.co.uk

Craig added: “Thanks go to the volunteers who transported and erected the banners, and special thanks must go to Bill Macdonald who planned and made the wooden supports.

“Members of FOGS are excited that work organised by the owners Network Rail to restore the historic ticket office at Goostrey Station is progressing well.

“The roof has been repaired and the wooden cladding and window frames have been replaced.

“In addition, drainpipes and decorative canopy brackets have been repaired or recast and the exterior has been painted in the original heritage colours.

“The Railway Heritage Trust which provided some of the funding for the project, is seeking photos of the ticket office showing the original sign for the station name.”

At present the earliest FOGS members have is from the 1960s. If you can help contact FOGS member Christina Burgess on christina@rburgess.force9.co.uk or 01477 535443.


FOGS volunteers putting up the second banner at Goostrey Railway Station