WORK to improve the classrooms at Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School is due to start next month.

Headteacher Denis Oliver said the school’s governing body had approved ambitious plans to improve the classrooms and facilities for students to ease their movement around the site.

The work started during the Easter break, when air conditioning was installed in some of the classrooms which become ‘overly’ hot during the summer months.

Work was also undertaken to change the layout of the restaurant, increasing its capacity and improving the speed of service.

“We have just submitted plans to completely reconfigure and refurbish a number of classrooms in the oldest part of the school,” said Mr Oliver.

“This will require the construction of a very small extension at the rear of the school.

“The rest of the work is entirely internal. Not only will the project result in much improved classrooms, but will vastly improve the flow of students between the front and rear of the school.

“The project is planned to start in mid June, with a completion date before the start of the autumn term.”