COUNTING has started for the results of Cheshire East Council’s (CEC) elections.

Voters went to the polls yesterday, Thursday, to decide who they want to represent them on the borough council for the next four years.

Seats are up for grabs in all 52 wards, with results due to start coming in at Crewe Lifestyle Centre shortly.

The Conservative group, which has a solid grip on the authority, is fielding candidates in every ward with the aim of continuing its growth agenda.

But opposition groups are aiming to pick up seats across the borough, with CEC having been rocked by a string of scandals in recent years.

Labour, the Liberal Democrats and the Green Party are all running in various wards across the borough, while UKIP and The For Britain Movement could also gain representation on CEC.

And the independents, the third largest group on the council, could make gains – with the Residents of Wilmslow group, in particular, hoping for more success.


In the first result of the afternoon, council leader Rachel Anne Bailey, Conservative, survives a scare to hold onto her Audlem seat.

She won 746 votes, with Richard John Derricutt, Liberal Democrats, winning 668 votes.

Turnout was 36.03 per cent.

Labour group leader Sam Corcoran cruises to victory to keep hold of his Sandbach Heath and East seat with 754 votes, Conservative Mike Muldoon loses out with 370 votes and Liberal Democrat Pauline Hubbard gets 118 votes.

Turnout was just under 34.81 per cent.

And it is good news for Labour in Crewe East after the party holds onto its three seats in the ward – Joy Bratherton wins 1,353 votes, Suzanne Brookfield 1,340 votes, and Hazel Faddes 1,239 votes.

Independent James Conner, 610 votes, and Tory Peter Hargreaves, 569 votes, were the closest losing candidates.

Conservative Clive Elvestone won 521 votes, Conservative Dominic Wyartt 483 and the Green Party’s Melanie English 478 votes. 

Turnout totalled 26.69 per cent.

And Tory Stan Davies holds onto his Wrenbury seat with 926 votes – Liberal Democrat Paul Weaver loses out with 328 and so does independent David Bell with 219.

Turnout was 34.34 per cent.

Tory councillors Peter Groves, 1106 votes, and Andrew Martin, 1224 votes, retain their Nantwich South and Stapeley seats.

But the candidates to lose out in the battle to secure a seat are Labour's Richard Alexander Banks, 613 votes, independent Stuart Robert Bostock, 426 votes, Lib Dem Stephen Ford, 520 votes, Lib Dem Matthew Cameron Theobald, 516 votes and Labour's Sinead Vera Lois Wheeler, 565 votes.

Turnout was 36.37 per cent

And it is joy for the Conservatives in Haslington after Steven Edgar, 1061 votes, and Mary Addison, 1058 votes, win the two seats.

The Green Party’s Te Ata Brown won 287 votes, Labour’s Pete Gubbins 716, the Green Party’s Louise Amber Jewkes, 696 and Liberal Democrat Nick Taylor 293.

Turnout was 35.03 per cent.

Tory councillors Les Gilbert, 1583 votes, Andrew Kolker, 1539 votes, keep hold of their Dane Valley seats.

Lib Dem Richard Wilson loses out with 936 votes, along with Lib Dem Michelle Boath with 748, the Green Party’s Robert Green with 402, Labour’s Willow Dale with 259 and Labour’s Pete Dale with 230.

Turnout was 37.58 per cent turnout.

But there is an upset in the Leighton ward, as independent Byron Evans takes the seat from the Conservatives.

Former Tory councillor Derek Bebbington stepped down in the ward.

There is also a shock for the Tories in Sandbach Elworth as long-standing councillor Gill Merry loses her seat to Labour’s Kathryn Flavell.

And Conservative Liz Durham, who was due to be the next mayor, loses her seat in Broken Cross and Upton.

In Macclesfield Tytherington, Tory Ainsley Arnold, portfolio holder for housing, planning and regeneration, loses his seat as independents David Edwardes and Lloyd Roberts win the seats up for grabs.

Independent Sam Gardner stepped down in the ward.

But Conservative Janet Clowes, portfolio holder for adult social care and integration, keeps her Wybunbury seat with 1267 votes, with Labour’s Joseph Andrew Cosby losing out with 276 votes.

It is also joy for the Tories in Brereton Rural as John Wray keeps hold of his seat with 850 votes, independent Mark Elves loses out with 474 votes, along with Labour’s Geraint Jones with 303 votes.

In the Middlewich ward, Labour gains all three seats from Middlewich First.

Carol Bulman, 1687 votes, Mike Hunter, 1735 votes, and Jonathan Parry, 1730 votes, are elected for the party.

That result sees Middlewich First’s Bernice Walmsley, 704 votes, and Simon McGrory, 674 votes, lose their seats, with Mike Parsons having stood down.

All the results now in at the count as the Conservatives lose overall control of Cheshire East Council, but still have the highest number of seats.

The council, which is now in no overall control, is made up of 34 Conservatives, 25 Labour, 19 Independents and 4 Lib Dems.

Residents of Wilmslow candidates enjoyed success in the wards which were counted at Macclesfield Leisure Centre.

Knutsford Guardian:

The victorious Residents of Wilmslow candidates, from left Iain Macfarlane, Toni Fox, Mark Goldsmith and David Jefferay

In the Alderley Edge ward Alderley Edge First candidate Craig Browne romped home with 1,219 votes, ahead of Conservative Paul Brearley on 255 and Green Party candidate Keith Boxer on 112, with a 42 per cent turnout.

Conservative candidate Marc Asquith was elected in Chelford with 646 votes, ahead of Lib Dem Heulwen Barlow on 330 and Independent Laurence Hobday on 270, on a 36 per cent turnout.

The contest in the Handforth ward saw Independent Julie Smith and Handforth Ratepayers Association (Independent) Barry Burkhill elected, with 1,297 and 1,086 votes respectively, ahead of Handforth Ratepayers Associaition (Independent) Susan Bidwell on 918, Conservative David Lonsdale on 595 and Lib Dem Chris Fortune on 383, on a 33 per cent turnout.

Conservative candidate Kate Parkinson was elected in High Legh with 710 votes, ahead of Green Party candidate Nigel Hennerley on 612, on a turnout of 36 per cent.

The Knutsford ward saw Conservative candidates Stewart Gardiner and Tony Dean elected, along with Independent Quentin Abel, gaining 1,310, 1,243 and 1,290 votes respectively, ahead of Conservative Peter Coan on 1,174, Green candidate Charlie Abbott Booth on 917, Lib Dem Christopher Wetherell on 912, Labour candidate Joe Godden on 848 and Independent Helen Rogers on 830, on a 32 per cent turnout.

Residents of Wilmslow candidate Toni Fox was elected in Wilmslow Dean Row with 930 votes, ahead of Conservative Frank McCarthy on 409, on a 36 per cent turnout.

Fellow Residents of Wilmslow candidate David Jefferay was elected in Wilmslow East with 1,076 votes, ahead of Conservative Barry Estill on 392, on a 45 per cent turnout.

Conservative candidate Don Stockton was elected in Wilmslow Lacey Green with 544 votes, ahead of Labour's Ribia Nisa on 408 and Lib Dem Damian Carr on 318, on a 36 per cent turnout.

Residents of Wilmslow candidates Mark Goldsmith and Iain Macfarlane were elected in Wilmslow West and Chorley, with 1,758 and 1,470 votes respectively, ahead of Conservatives Gary Barton and Ellie Brooks, each on 819, Lib Dem Birgitta Hoffman on 532 and Lib Dem Oliver Romain in 445, on a 39 per cent turnout.