A CHIMNEY fire in Goostrey was caused by a fallen bird's nest it has been revealed.

Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service were called at 7.50pm yesterday (Friday, April 12) following reports of a chimney fire at a home on Shearbrook Lane.

On arrival firefighters found that the blaze had been caused by a fallen bird's nest which had been set alight a gas fire.

The nest was burning between the flue and the bricks of the chimney.

The gas fire was isolated and the crew used a thermal imaging camera to monitor temperatures on the first floor and roof space.

Firefighters used a seven-metre ladder to remove the chimney cover and then the bird's nest.

However the crews then had to remove the gas fire and flue so that they could extinguish the fire and remove the debris from the chimney breast.

A thermal imaging camera was then used to check for any hotspots and make sure that the property was safe.

Firefighters were in attendance for around an hour and 45 minutes.

For more information and safety advice visit https://www.cheshirefire.gov.uk/public-safety/home-safety/chimneys