All dogs learn avoidance techniques to prevent them doing things they don’t want to do.

Some dogs run away while others freeze on the spot refusing to move.

Hiding under the table is another good example along with jumping up, growling or simply ignoring you.

Once your dog believes you have no answer for his tactic, it becomes his ‘trump card’ to be played whenever he chooses. It’s very frustrating if you are trying to go to work and your dog runs away.

I adopted a little Labrador called Tina who’d learned to display nervousness whenever she misbehaved. It got her off the hook and saved her from the consequences of her actions.

It became Tina’s trump card until I finally worked it out. When her nervous routine no longer worked she abandoned it. (Some dogs deserve an Oscar) You must have the answer to every avoidance tactic or your dog will use it with increasing frequency. I attach a 20-foot line to dogs prone to running off and tread on it whenever they bolt.

I lift my knee to dogs that jump up. They don’t find it so much fun launching themselves onto a bony knee.

I always hold my ground in the face of growling, never allowing the dog to gain any advantage.

You’ll be surprised how quickly these antics disappear when your dog learns you have an answer.

You must be pack leader and your dog has the only opinion that counts. If he believes you are above him in the pack, he will even obey commands he doesn’t like. If he does not regard you as leader he will comply only if it suits him. That’s the way it works.

Come along to my behaviour clinic at Alderley Edge National Trust Park, Macclesfield Road SK10 4RH (behind the Wizard Pub) on Sunday, April 14, from 10am to 3pm.

I will work one-on-one with your dog to resolve any behaviour issues and the only cost will be a £10 donation to a local animal charity.

Text me on 07590 560012 for a fixed appointment or just turn up on the day.