PUPILS at High Legh Primary School are enjoying their new woodland and gym equipment.

Deputy headteacher Jo Price said: “We have had a year-long project with Maple Leaf Designs.

“We had areas of our playground which were unusable for the children, and have invested heavily in artificial grass to bring these unused areas into use.

“We have installed outdoor gym equipment, including cross-country skier, double air walker and air skier.

“We also had a tunnel and mound fitted, which is very popular with the children.

“There are gymnastic bars, a transport shed and a reading den and our latest work has been on installing trim trail equipment, including traverse nets and bridge walker.

“We have opened our woodland area which has wicker structures for role play, and incorporated our mud kitchen.

“All these facilities are available every break and lunchtime for children; this has totally changed the areas used and the more traditional games of football and netball have been replaced by table tennis and other physical activity.

“We are now busy creating a separate nurture area for some of our children, where we will be growing all the plants which will be on the playground.”