MUMS are being urged to complain to highway bosses about an overgrown footpath which is forcing them to push their children’s buggies in the road.

The plea comes from a mother of two over the state of the paths in Hobcroft Lane and Church Lane in Mobberley.

The mum, who lives in Church Lane, has two daughters, aged three and three months, and has had enough struggling to use a buggy on the path.

“The path down Hobcroft Lane and some parts of Church Lane is far too narrow,” she said.

“The grass has been allowed to grow so much that it has covered much of the path, meaning that it is near impossible to push a pram or wheelchair safely down the lane.

“This forces you to walk on the road, which has the national speed limit.

“This is dangerous enough if you are walking against the traffic, but is so much worse when you are walking with it as you can’t see what is coming, and there isn’t a footpath on the other side.

“I have asked people I know to report it on the highway section of the Cheshire East Council website in the hope that complaints in numbers may prove effective.

“If not I may create a petition to try and gain more support from Mobberley residents from around the village. It’s not fair that just because we have a buggy or wheelchair we can’t walk around the village safely.

“We, as a community, are also trying to encourage more people to walk either to school or around the village (many of the local pubs have suggestions for walking around the village) yet some of the footpaths aren’t fit for purpose. They are in fact dangerous.

“I would like to see the council cut the grass back to reveal the full footpath so that all residents of Mobberley can use them safely. It seems such a simple job as the paths are already there - they just need uncovering.”