PONY fan Cameron Cook has been given the royal stamp of approval for his letter writing skills.

Cameron, nine, from Knutsford, who is in year 4 at St Vincent’s Catholic Primary School, was given a pony as a present in September, which he named Buzz.

He discovered that the Queen owned Buzz’s father, and wrote to Buckingham Palace to tell her Majesty about the link and inviting her to visit Buzz.

“My nephew Cameron decided, after reading a copy of Horse and Hound, to write to the queen,” said Cameron’s uncle Adam Vjestica.

“He had seen in the magazine that the Queen owned the father of his own pony and felt she needed to know this.

“As he is trying to earn his ‘pen licence’ in school we encouraged this opportunity for him to practice his handwriting.

“Whilst he didn’t receive a response personally from The Queen he did receive one from one of her ladies-in-waiting, which he was thrilled with.”

The letter from lady-in-waiting Susan Hussey said: “The Queen wishes me to write and thank you for your letter and for sending two lovely photographs of you and your pony, Glenwood Stud Athos, who you call Buzz.

“Her Majesty was very pleased to hear from you, and although unable to reply to you personally, owing to the many hundreds of letters received each day, The Queen appreciated your kind thoughts in writing as you did.

“Her Majesty hopes you will continue to enjoy riding your beautiful pony, and I am enclosing an information leaflet about Royal pets which you may like to have.”