TEENAGER Ciara York was chosen as the 2019 Royal May Queen at another very successful selection evening.

The selection, which was held at Knutsford Academy Lower School, was well attended, with more than 40 children entering for the positions of May Queen and Maid of Honour.

Alongside Ciara, 13, a number of other girls were chosen as members of the court.

Isabella Cunningham and Libby Ellis were selected as Ladies in Waiting, Daisy Boardman, Tilly Hinds, Annabel Reeve and Maisie Wright were chosen to be Court Ladies, while Aurora Lee-Kilgariff will be this year’s Maid Marion.

Amelie McGill Anglin, Lily Boardman, Kyra Howard, Chloe Kirkham, Holly Pearce and Daisy Scott were all selected as Maids of Honour.

Also present on the evening was 14-year-old Finlay Wright, who is this year’s Crown Bearer.

Finlay, who has worked his way up through the ranks since the age of five, congratulated Ciara and presented her with a bouquet of flowers.

Before the selection evening, Knutsford Royal May Day Committee announced a number of important changes to the process of choosing a May Queen.

As well as carrying a name card instead of a number and standing in a line rather than walking around the room, each candidate was asked a short question.

“The changes worked extremely well on the night,” said secretary Eileen Podmore.

“All the girls were asked the same question, and it was lovely to hear them sharing their fondest memories of May Day.”

Another change which Eileen said was met with universal approval was the introduction of a Golden Ticket, which was presented to unsuccessful May Queen and Maid of Honour candidates.

This special ticket will give them and a friend early entry into the character selection, which will be held on Saturday, March 9 at Knutsford Academy Lower School from noon until 2pm. Those with a Golden Ticket can skip the queue and attend the selection at 11.30am.

Although the May Day dancers were selected on Thursday, January 29, any child aged between seven and 16 who was unable to attend but would still like to participate should contact Becky Stott on 07468 596119.

No dance experience is required, and rehearsals will take place every Monday and Thursday from 5pm to 7pm until May Day.

This year’s May Day will take place on Saturday, May 4.