AWARD-winning WI members have gone back in time to plant an oak tree to mark a special anniversary.

Last year was a significant year for Manchester Airport and the Women’s institute.

The airport celebrated its 80th anniversary and the Women’s Institute its centenary. To help mark these milestones the airport donated an oak tree and time capsule to W.I. groups in the Knutsford area.

To decide where the tree should be planted, the groups which fall within the Knutsford area entered a competition for the best time capsule contents.

The women racked their brains to come up with some ingenious items that represented 2018.

The Over Peover branch was the winner, and was awarded the oak tree, a time capsule and a silver rose bowl.

There was an excellent turnout for the planting day, as representatives from the airport, the W.I., the parish council and villagers met up to mark the occasion.

The tree is planted in Over Peover at the corner of Well Bank Lane and Cinder Lane so the whole village and wider community can enjoy seeing it grow in the years to come.

Local tree specialist Myles Dobell volunteered his services to ensure the capsule was buried and the tree was planted perfectly.

Parish councillor John Hehir was intrigued to find out what was in the capsule.

Ingrid Phillips, who led the Over Peover competition entry, said the capsule was packed with objects representative of 2018, including house brochures, newspapers, commemorative stamps, a children’s toy and many more items.

Over Peover W.I. president June Leach said: “In this changing environment it is a real pleasure to be able to put something back into the village.

“Over Peover W.I. are delighted to have received the oak tree from Manchester Airport, and are very proud to have won the competition for the time capsule, which is to be buried beneath the tree.

“Together they will commemorate something from the past and something for the future.”

Manchester Airport representative Catherine Davies said the airport was delighted to be working with the local community.


Catherine Davies from Manchester Airport planting the tree with the help of Myles Dobell

From left, Catherine Davies (Manchester Airport), Ingrid Philips (Over Peover WI), June Leach (president Over Peover WI), Myles Dobell (tree specialist), and John Hehir (Over Peover Parish Council).

Ingrid Phillips and president June Leach with the silver rose bowl