ENTHUSIASM and commitment were recognised at the annual awards ceremony staged by Knutsford Community First Responder Trust.

The awards were presented at Knutsford Golf Club on Friday, with the Heartstart Player of the Year accolade being chosen by members of the team.

The Cheerleader, Consider It Done and Chairman’s Awards were chosen by First Responders chairman Sal Thompson, who presented all the awards.

“The Heartstart award went to Steve Nixon, who was nominated by his fellow teammates,” said Sal.

“Steve is a consistent team member and has been since 2007, giving us 11 years of service.

“He presents and facilitates with enthusiasm and in a manner that people can learn from easily.

“He makes learning fun and is always up for anyone to slap him on the back when he is wearing his ‘Choking Charlie” vest.”

The Cheerleader award was won by Terry Griffiths, an award described by Sal as ‘the most enthusiastic bucket rattler award’.

“Terry is often first to volunteer to man any event, is happy to talk about the Trust, and to draw the public in to get involved,” she said.

“You know you’re going to be in for a good day if Terry is turning up for a slot. Thank you for lifting our fundraising spirits.”

Stuart Willis won the Consider It Done Award for his continued commitment to the Trust.

Sal said: “Stuart is always there and can always be relied upon. He has put in a tremendous number of shifts in Community First Responding, doubled up with our new members and kept the ball rolling.”

The Chairman’s Award was won by Heather Lawrence.

Sal said: “My right-hand woman over the past 16 months, Heather has organised and attended nearly every event over the last year.

“She has built up a fantastic working relationship with many partner organisations, and enabled us to raise the funds required to keep the Trusts many initiatives going. I would have sunk without her.”

Knutsford First Responders receives no grants or financial assistance from any organisations.

Its four life-saving services are 100 per cent funded from money received from its fundraising work and the generosity of businesses and residents in Knutsford, and every penny received is spent on saving lives in Knutsford.