TOWN centre residents opposed to the Knutsford Makers Market are being ignored by the town council.

That’s the view of Richard Cussons, who called for a ‘proper and full debate’ by the council when he spoke at Monday’s council meeting.

The market has taken place on the first Sunday of the month in Princess Street since 2013.

It is one of the largest artisan markets of its type in the UK, but residents have had enough of the disruption they say it causes to their lives.

They are calling for it to be moved, with resident Richard Cussons taking up their concerns with the council.

Mr Cussons, who was representing 20 residents who were unhappy about the market, told the meeting: “No serious consideration has been given by the town council to moving this market.

“The full town council needs to discuss this so we are having residents’ views put forward.

“As far as I am aware not a single town councillor has spoken to any of the residents I represent.

“There is no comprehensive document that has been written to deal with any emergencies that take place in the town centre during that event [Makers Market] – ambulances or fire services would not be able to reach a number of people in the town centre.

“In addition people living in Regent Street, Silk Mill Street and Church View cannot get their cars in an out for the whole day.

“It’s a considerable inconvenience for 12 days a year, and some of the elderly residents especially are quite intimidated by this event going on, with the people coming to set up at 6am.

“I would like the town council to have a full and proper debate about this matter and take account of the town centre’s residents, which up to this point seem to have been ignored.”

Town clerk Adam Keppel-Green said the council’s events committee had discussed the market, and was in the process of signing a Service Level Agreement with the market covering all matters relating to the market.