DOG owners are being urged to keep their pets on a lead after a duck was killed at a farm.

The plea come from Faye Wilding, who lives with her partner at a farm in Stubbs Lane, Mobberley.

Faye reared five ducks, one of which died on Sunday after being attacked in the garden at the farm.

After looking at CCTV Faye believes the duck had been attacked by a dog, with the garden being near a public footpath which is used by dog walkers.

Faye said her partner found a dog in the garden on Boxing Day chasing the ducks, and grabbed the dog while he called the owners. One of the ducks disappeared a few days later.

The footpath runs through a field, where Faye has seen dogs chasing cattle, despite having put up a sign asking people to keep their pets under control.

Faye was upset at finding the badly-injured duck, which died the same day, and posted a photograph of the bird on Facebook to highlight its injuries alongside a plea for people to keep their dogs on a lead.

“We were just about to go out on Sunday when we opened the back door and saw the injured duck,” said Faye.

“It had been attacked, and was still alive, but could not walk.

“It was terrified and was trying to get up and run away, but couldn’t as its legs may have been broken.

“It was horrendous, and the duck was in a terrible state of distress.

“We went to the vets, but it was shut, and by the time we came home it had died.

“I have raised these ducks from ducklings, and they should not have to die like that.

“We had a dog attack a hen in September on the drive, and I just want people to think when they come to a farm or houses to keep their dogs on a lead.

“I have seen dogs chasing the cattle, and people think it’s their right to have their dog off the lead. Sometimes they just ignore you when you ask them put their dog on a lead.

“I posted the picture of the duck which was attacked on Facebook because people need to realise what’s going on."