POLICE will be taking a zero-tolerance approach to vandalism and littering on the Dane Meadow, says PCSO Liz Chesters.

She said: “We have really seen the community come together in the last four weeks, and the hospitality from local businesses and residents has been really appreciated for officers working in the area as the colder weather comes in.

“We have however unfortunately had incidents reported to us on the Dane Meadow, where we are finding small pockets of vandalism and litter being left.

“This is an area we are going to patrol more regularly, and there will be a zero-tolerance approach to anyone found to be involved in these incidents.

At this time of year we see an increase of incidents being reported regarding people ‘pick pocketing’, and therefore we ask you stay as vigilant as possible and remember to keep your personal belongings close to your person.

“Ensure any bags are zipped up, and valuable items such as mobile phones or wallets are not left on show.

“Make sure you are aware of your surroundings and anyone who seems to be loitering. If you are concerned and see any suspicious activity please contact us on 101.

“We would like to encourage our community to report any suspicious activity to us on 101, or via the local contact mailbox - Crewe.LPU@cheshire.pnn.police.uk.”