WILMSLOW residents are calling for a second referendum on Brexit.

The call emerged from a meeting in The Old Dancer in Wilmslow on Thursday, attended by more than 60 residents to have their say about Brexit.

The meeting was chaired by Wilmslow for Europe, and hopes for a People's Vote were shared by constituents and others attending from neighbouring towns.

A group spokesman said: “The consensus of the meeting was that constituents felt disenfranchised and deeply concerned by the Brexit deal being offered by the Government and that, knowing so much more now about what Brexit really means, a second referendum was the preferred option.

“Campaigners for a People's Vote have also been meeting the public in Wilmslow on Saturdays, receiving feedback and measuring opinion on their Brexit barometer.

“Last Thursday's meeting at The Old Dancer on Grove Street called on constituents to remain proactive and hopeful that a second democratic vote could be achieved if MPs did not support the Brexit proposals next week.

“A teacher, who attended the meeting, said: ‘Our children in many schools in the area are still frustrated and confused about the decision to leave the EU.

“‘Many of them have European families, and the current proposals around Brexit are unacceptable, as well as being very divisive and unsettling. I am glad that local people are making a stand, especially at this crucial moment’.”