SHOPPERS joined in a ‘plastic unwrap’ on Saturday morning aimed at encouraging businesses to cut the number of plastic items they use.

The event was held at Waitrose in Wilmslow, and was organised by Plastic Free Wilmslow.

“Lots of shoppers joined in the plastic unwrap, buying the products they needed, but leaving the unnecessary wrapping behind, and using paper bags or reusable containers instead,” said event organiser Andrew Backhouse.

“Who needs swedes wrapped in plastics? Tins of beans available as cheaper for four – but wrapped in plastic?

“Plastic Free Wilmslow is trying to get all businesses to cut the number of plastic items they use.

“The Government is encouraging us all to reduce, reuse, and recycle, and so some of us are putting pressure on businesses to make life better for the planet by using less plastic, and to switch to reusable items. We have already made progress on plastic carrier bags.

“Lots of supermarket items are wrapped in plastic which may get recycled, but often goes to landfill, and is bad for the planet.

“Some supermarkets have made major steps, like leaving more fruit and veg unwrapped, and others are trying other wrapping ideas.

“So what can we all do to push for less plastic? By leaving the shops to look after the plastic wrappings that were not needed is one obvious statement – and cheaper for us than giving more work to our council to collect and recycle. And buy more vegetables loose or packed in cardboard.

“Waitrose was the shop being targeted on Saturday – but Plastic Free Wilmslow know some people have already been taking actions in other shops.

“We are delighted that Jacksons Fish and Chip shop has switched to cardboard instead of polystyrene packaging, and places like Rise do not use plastic.

Plastic Free Wilmslow has heard from a lot of people who want to put pressure on those who use unnecessary plastics. It was great to get lots of people taking action themselves this weekend. And staff from Waitrose were very helpful and positive about the action too.”

Keith Chapman, town councillor and plastics manufacturer, also took part, and said: “The industry wants to work with environmental groups like Plastic Free Wilmslow because we share the same objectives.

“We should reduce the use of plastic to the essential and eliminate unnecessary outer packaging. This will deliver a sustainable planet and a successful and valued plastics sector.”


Plastic Free Wilmslow supporters Pat Barker, left, and Pippa Tyrrell at Waitrose on Saturday