HEADTEACHER Denis Oliver is ‘disappointed’ that proposed parking bans do not take in area in front of the school.

Parking is set to be banned on roads near Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School, which is led by Mr Oliver, to tackle visibility hazards caused by parked cars.

The ban is due to be introduced by Cheshire East Council on parts of Selkirk Drive and Portree Drive on the approach to where they meet.

A council spokesman said: “The introduction of no waiting at any time restrictions are considered necessary to remove parked vehicles from parts of the highway where they are hindering the free flow of traffic, restricting access and are a source of danger by reducing visibility.

“Consideration has been given to the effect the displacement of vehicles would have on neighbouring roads, and as such the extents of the restrictions have been kept to a minimum.

“The proposals were supported by the local ward members for Dane Valley at the Congleton Area Highways Group meeting in March.

“The authority is seeking to secure the convenient and safe movement of traffic through the provision of waiting provisions while keeping the restrictions to a minimum to take into account its duty to provide suitable and adequate parking on street.”

The restrictions would affect Selkirk Drive on one side from 33.5 metres south of its junction with Portree Drive to 37.5 metres north of the junction, and Selkirk Drive on the other side from 33.5 metres south of the junction to 32 metres north.

They would also be introduced in Portree Drive, on one side from its junction with Selkirk Drive for 10 metres, and on the other from the junction for 13.5 metres.

Mr Oliver said: “The safety of our students is our number one priority and so we welcome the opportunity to comment on the proposals contained within the council’s consultation document.

“Our staff play an important part in supervising children coming to school in the morning and going home at the end of the school day

“They see first-hand the chaos that is caused when road users either behave unreasonably or inconsiderably when the volume of traffic is at its highest.

“Having previously commented on the council’s proposals, before the launch of the consultation, we are disappointed they do not appear to have taken on board our request to extend the areas covered by the proposed restrictions, to cover the front of the school premises.

“Delays are often caused by vehicles parked or waiting directly in front of the school making it difficult or sometimes impossible, for buses to get down the road safely.

“I can understand and sympathise with the frustration of local residents, but it’s hard to see how the current proposal will work to prevent the issues they are experiencing. Extending the restricted area will prevent the slalom effect that causes many problems.

“The consultation should be an opportunity for us all to try and find a better solution that makes the roads around our school safer for students and less frustrating for our neighbours.

“The consultation mentions the local ward members for Dane Valley supporting the proposals, and we will be inviting them to come along and see how we think the proposal can be extended to have the impact we all want to see.”

Copies of the draft orders, plans showing the restricted areas, the reasons for making the Order and a copy of the public notice are available at Cheshire East Council’s offices at Westfields,

Middlewich Road, Sandbach and Holmes Chapel Library.

If you wish to object to the proposed order, write by December 20 to Mr R Welch, Cheshire East Highways, Floor 6, Delamere House, Delamere Street, Crewe.