MUM Alexandra Clinton is inviting fellow mums to a festive party at the Unico Lounge in Wilmslow on Thursday, December 6.

Alexandra started The Awesome Mums’ Brunch Club, which is staging the Christmas party from 9.30am to 11.30am.

“Awesome Mums’ Brunch Club is here to help you enjoy the festive season with our crackin’ Christmas party,” said Alexandra.

“We are giving mums the opportunity to come together and remind ourselves how awesome we are over a free cuppa, a mince pie and even an indulgent free massage or seated acupuncture treatment.

“We are encouraging mums and little ones to get the party started by dressing in their festive best.

“There will be prizes for the little ones sporting the best Christmas outfits, and even a little something for the best-dressed mum.

“The club aims to raise awareness of perinatal mental health issues which affect many women.

“However the party isn’t just for mums with a diagnosed mental health issue, nor is it just for mums who are feeling the strain of everyday life – it’s for everyone.”

The club will donate a portion of the money raised at the party to Smile Group, a local charity which provides much-needed emotional support to new parents.