HOLMES Chapel Comprehensive School students Isobel Henderson and Martha Townend scored success in the National Girls Olympiad.

A record number of female mathematicians took part in the very challenging 2.5-hour Girls Olympiad competition for sixth formers and year 11 students.

Isobel, who is in year 12, and Martha, from year 11, both achieved a distinction.

The school is introducing a new boxing club. It has linked up with Sportscape, Crewe Police and the South Cheshire Amateur Boxing Club to run sessions at schools on Fridays from 3pm to 4pm, starting on November 16.

The sessions will be based on pad drills, technique and cardio work, with a view to progressing to semi-contact in the future.

The school’s head boy and girl launched the Primary Transition Process at Goostrey Primary School.

They said: “We visited the school as part of our aim to make the transition from year 6 to 7 as stress-free and easy as it could be.

“Our afternoon was a success, the year 6s were left ready and prepared for their big year ahead, and most felt they had no more worries about year 7.”

The school is trialling a new mindfulness programme, which is being run during year 8 PE lessons, but if successful would include all year groups.

Small groups of students will be selected each lesson to take part.

The aim is to promote mindfulness and respect for others, as well as to build confidence and relieve stress and anxiety through Kung Fu and Tai Chi.

A school spokesman said: “Hopefully this programme will have a positive effect on students, and regular monitoring of their progress will be undertaken.”