The campaign by independent councillors to ‘Change Cheshire East’ has passed 5,000 signatures - a third of the 15,000 target needed.

The group wants a shake up of the way council decisions are made to give councillors of all political persuasions a bigger voice.

It calls for the current cabinet system of governance to be scrapped in favour of a committee system – and if five per cent of Cheshire East’s electorate sign, a referendum on the matter could take place.

Cllr Mick Warren said “We have obviously hit a raw nerve with residents. We are constantly being thanked for standing up to Cheshire East Council. A referendum is definitely possible... dare I say it, possibly now inevitable.”

Cllr James Nicholas said: “The Cabinet at Cheshire East is not highly regarded – to put in diplomatic terms. It is obvious residents want change.”

Over the coming weeks Independent supporters will be out leafleting across Cheshire East. Paper petitions can be downloaded from website or you can sign the petition at