DOG owners across the country are calling for tougher regulations on fireworks as a new study is published.

The survey, organised by pet supplements manufacturer Lintbells, heard from 2,000 dog owners, 96% of whom called for the law to change, with 60% saying unlicensed fireworks should be banned entirely.

According to the survey, nearly 80% of dog owners turn on the TV or radio to mask the sound of the fireworks, with 75% closing their doors, windows and curtains to calm their pets down.

Vets recommend cats and dogs should be kept indoors during firework season, and that all doors and windows should be shut to prevent animals bolting through fear.

They also advise dogs wear collars and tags at all times, and that microchips are up to date so their owner’s can be found if they do run away.

Top tips for keeping your pets calm during fireworks:

  • Provide a den (safe haven) or hiding place for your pet
  • Use an ADAPTIL Calm HomeDiffuser as close to the den or hiding place as possible or where your dog spends most of its time
  • Walk your dog early in the evening before fireworks start
  • Ensure windows, doors remain closed during firework season to reduce noise and prevent them running away
  • Draw curtains and put the TV on to mask any noise (only if TV/radio is normal to them)
  • Ensure your pet has access to its den or hiding place at all times (this also applies to food and water)
  • Make it a positive time by providing distractions, in the form of new toys and chews.
  • DO NOT punish your pet! This will only make your pet more distressed
  • Try not to leave your pets alone when fireworks are going off. Do not ignore or over fuss. Just keep calm and carry on

The 2018 PDSA PAW Report, which surveyed dog, cat and rabbit owners across the country, found that 40% of dog owners, an estimated 3.6 million dogs, say their pets are scared of fireworks.

With 78% saying fireworks should only be licensed on certain days of the year.