IF bigger is better then a Wilmslow pub that’s serving up a 40-inch pizza is aiming to be one of the best in the business.

Mwah Pizza, at The Carters Arms in Chapel Lane, is making, baking and plating up what’s thought to be the UK’s largest wood-fired pizza and it’s been causing a storm on social media. The belt-busting behemoth is the creation of Tom Little who has even custom-made an oven to fit and cook the mammoth margheritas.

Once a month the pizza parlour hosts a giant eating challenge where the normally £70 pizza is offered for £50 for those up to the task, but it can be enjoyed at any time so long as it’s ordered two days in advance to allow enough prep time.

Tom said: “It actually only takes minutes to top and bake, but I need to give the dough 48 hours to prove properly.”

The 38-year-old’s entrance into the catering world came due to his son, also called Tom. The 14-year-old has the rare genetic condition prader whilli syndrome, which can cause a wide range of symptoms, including an excessive appetite and overeating.

Tom added: “We realised that he’d need to have a very strict, controlled diet but I didn’t see why he shouldn’t experience beautiful food. I decided that I needed to learn how to cook so that I could show him the importance of good food and how to make it for himself.”

Over time Tom decided he could turn his new talent for cooking into a business, starting out as a street food vendor selling at large events, food markets and festivals. This March he got the chance to have a permanent setting at The Carters Arms.

While the 40-inch Neapolitan-style pizza is currently causing a sensation, due to his specially made oil drum wood fired oven he can also cook up roast wild boar, chicken, potatoes and vegetables. The most important element is making sure he has great ingredients and when it comes to pizza as he’s very specific about food provenance.

He said: “When it comes to a great tasting pizza, the ingredients have got to be Italian!”

And as for his own favourite pizza topping, if it doesn’t have onion on the top he’s happy.

He said: “I don’t have a favourite type of pizza but put it this way, I don’t have anything on my menu that I don’t love to eat.”

To find out more about Mwah Pizzas, and how to order one of Tom’s 40-inch specials, visit mwahpizzas.com