MAKERS Market organisers have been thanked for enabling an ambulance to get access to a church member on Sunday.

The member of Knutsford Methodist Church had been taken ill during a service at the church.

The thanks comes from church minister Reverend Rob Cotton, who said the church looked forward to welcoming visitors on Makers Market day.

The church is in Princess Street, where the market takes place on the first Sunday in the month.

Elderly residents from nearby Silk Mill Street claim the presence of the market makes it difficult for emergency vehicles to reach their homes.

In addition town councillor Elizabeth Beswick told a town council meeting there had been complaints about music starting early at the market while a service was being held at the Methodist church.

People going to church on market day ‘can’t park readily or get in and out of church very easily’, she added, and said she would support seeking an alternative site for the market.

Town councillors have championed the market in terms of its importance in attracting shoppers and visitors to the town centre.

However the council is looking to draw up an agreement with market organiser Victoria Crane, which would look at issues including the market’s location and its health and safety aspects.

Rev Cotton said: “I would like to thank the Makers Market for the way in which they enabled access for the ambulance which was called to a church member who was taken ill during last Sunday’s worship.

“We do look forward to welcoming people to the Methodist Church for free tea and coffee during our monthly Makers Market, when people pop into the church, to enjoy the refreshments, pray, talk to volunteers, use the facilities or just to make the most of the church as a sanctuary.

“We can all enjoy being part of and living in our local community together, and to be part of the dedication ceremony of the Centennial Memorial Statue this weekend as Mayor’s Chaplain, was a great personal privilege.

“What a fitting tribute to those who gave their lives during conflicts. Congratulations to Knutsford Town Council and particularly to the councillors involved in facilitating this memorial.

“I would also like to invite you to the Welcome Service at Knutsford Methodist Church on Sunday, October 14 at 6.30pm for Reverend Neal Stanton and his wife Sarah, who has recently joined our church staff as a Pioneer Pastor, with the challenge of working alongside me to develop a new church community in Northwich.

“Please come to meet Neal and his family - it will be a wonderful occasion and you are all very welcome.”