TIME is running out until Britain is due to leave the European Union – but question marks still hang over Brexit.

Prime Minister Theresa May failed to win over European leaders with her ‘Chequers plan’ last week – a 12-point plan which would end free movement of people and the jurisdiction of European courts, but keep Britain and the EU in a ‘free trade area’.

And this week, Labour opened the door on a second referendum at the party’s conference – with Sir Keir Starmer, shadow Brexit secretary, insisting that ‘nobody is ruling out remain’.

That will be music to the ears of campaign group European Movement, which has been out on the streets of Cheshire listening to residents’ concerns – including in Wilmslow this month.

Chris Foster, chairman of the group’s east Cheshire branch, said: “The people we speak to are increasingly angry and concerned about the government’s approach.

“They are worried about the now-clear negative effects of Brexit on an already struggling NHS, as key staff leave and waiting lists lengthen. They are anxious about their businesses and their jobs in pharmaceuticals, manufacturing and research.”

He added that European Movement has gathered ‘hundreds of signatures’ from Cheshire residents supporting a referendum on the final Brexit deal.

Mrs May hopes to have a deal in place in November – meaning the debate looks set to rumble on in Cheshire and around the UK for a few more weeks yet.