EAGERLY-awaited news on the reopening date for the Rex Cinema in Wilmslow could be announced next month.

The cinema is being restored by the Mundin family, and will be run by Louis Mundin and his wife Sophie.

News that the long-closed cinema was to be reopened has sparked an enormous response from Wilmslow residents, who should not have long to wait to find out when they can visit the cinema again.

Sophie said: “We have been completely overwhelmed by the public’s response to our big news, and this has made us even more excited about bringing the lovely Rex back to Wilmslow.

“A huge thank you to everyone for your support, kind words and for those of you who have taken out a membership with us already.

“All the money made from the memberships will be put straight towards the renovation, which will make the Rex even better.

“The most asked question so far has been when our opening date will be. We are being deliberately vague at the moment as there is still a lot to do.

“We are hoping we will be able to announce an official opening date at the end of October.

“There are some extra information banners outside the Rex with some leaflets too - please feel free to collect one as you pass if you'd like some more information.

“We will be around for the Artisan Market in Wilmslow this Saturday, so if you would like to ask any questions or buy a membership, please do come along and say hello.

“It has been a very busy start at the Rex. We have been working hard and are focusing our efforts on the old auditorium, where you will be soon be watching all the latest films.

“The first job was to take out the old seats to make way for new and improved seating.

“We will be reusing the stanchions from the seats (after a good clean), as they are simply too beautiful to get rid of, but we will be replacing the old seats to make them bigger and more comfortable.

“A big delivery of wood arrived at the Rex last week, which is very important for our work in the auditorium.

“We are in the process of building a new wooden rake, which will provide more legroom and give an optimum viewing experience from all seats.

“We are reducing the number of seats in the auditorium by over half to ensure maximum comfort when you sit down to watch a film with us.”

For more information visit rexcinemawilmslow.com