NHS health leaders have thanked everyone who had their say in the consultation for the redesign of mental health services for adults.

The CCGs have pledged to take full account of the public’s views before a decision is made in November.

The independent report of the findings of the 12-week public consultation has been published.

Thousands of people across Eastern Cheshire, South Cheshire and Vale Royal were engaged in the consultation on proposals to redesign specialist mental health services for adults and older people experiencing severe mental ill health across community and hospital care settings.

Dr Paul Bowen, clinical chair of NHS Eastern Cheshire CCG said: “We are grateful to the many people who took part in the consultation to redesign specialist mental health services for the 7,000 or so people in Eastern Cheshire, South Cheshire and Vale Royal who need care every year for severe mental ill health.

“The aim of the proposals is to ensure that service users get the best possible care, within the resources available, to help them thrive and not just survive.

“The three commissioning groups are now giving full consideration to the independent analyses of findings.

“No decision has been made or will be made until a decision-making business case is presented to the governing bodies of the commissioning groups in November.”

The consultation partners are giving full consideration to all the feedback received in order to develop a decision-making business case that will be presented in November to the governing bodies of NHS Eastern Cheshire CCG, NHS South Cheshire CCG and NHS Vale Royal CCG.

Findings show support for the development of a new care model to improve outcomes for people with severe mental ill health, which includes a proposed crisis service and dementia support service to care for people in the community.

For more information on the consultation, visit easterncheshireccg.nhs.uk and search under 'Consultations'.