KNUTSFORD, a town of character, culture and history was silenced this weekend as the Pub in the Park drew many locals and families from their usual eating and drinking haunts to a field just a few miles down the road.

The Lambing Shed, Knutsford’s newest venue, has now officially been born.

The event throbbed with excitement and oozed quality, with thousands of people sampling a wide range of crafted foods from the numerous outlets.

Every stall had at least three or four people engaging and buying from hundreds of local and regional producers before heading off to the stage area to dance the evening away.

There was absolutely no doubt in my mind that the Pub in the Park was only ever going to be a well-crafted, well-produced, expertly-managed event - and this weekend proved me right.

I am so deeply disappointed that a tiny minority of local naysayers put pay to what was, right from the outset, a huge opportunity to celebrate Britain’s love for food, music and culture.

Alongside the cultural losses, this minority group has denied the town centre of a serious boost to the local economy.

From now on we need to uncouple from negativity towards events such as this, and instead, embrace positive change, community inclusion and economic prosperity as a way to keep our town buoyant and fully supported.

Jonathan Farber

Knutsford town councillor and local business owner