VILLAGER Neil Worth said he fears a fatal crash on ‘a bad bend’ after helping people involved in a collision.

Neil and his dad Mike helped the driver and passengers out of a car which crashed late at night in High Legh, and is calling for action to indicate the severity of the bend.

The crash happened at about 10.40pm on Monday, September 3 in Halliwell’s Brow in High Legh, near its junction with Rowley Bank Lane and Golborne Lane.

Neil said the crash happened at a bridge as Halliwell’s Brow joins Rowley Bank Lane.

Paramedics treated people at the scene, and two were taken to hospital, Manchester Royal Infirmary and Warrington General Hospital.

A North West Ambulance Service spokesman said the people taken to hospital had ‘significant but not major injuries’.

Neil said: “I was just finishing my tea and was sitting with my grandad when I heard a bang and could hear people shouting and screaming.

“I went out, and as I walked towards the bridge I could see some brake lights in the ditch.

“The car was upside down, and I went back and woke my dad. I used my car to shine my lights on the crashed car, and I could see people were trapped in the car.

“I phoned the police, and me and my dad managed to bend open one of the doors.”

He said one of the three men in the car got himself out, and they helped the others out, before looking after all three until the emergency services arrived.

Neil said: “We need something along there to indicate it’s a bad bend, and I would like to see the road on a gritting route.

“I go down there to grit the road every night when it’s frosty, which I have been doing for three to four years because of the number of crashes.

“There have been some serious ones, but what worries me is that one day there will be a fatal one.

“Since the A556 has been built there has been an increase in traffic past my granddad’s house, as people are using the road as cut-through.”