WORLD champion gooseberry grower Kelvin Archer will be revealing some of the secrets of his growing prowess on TV tonight, writes John Williams.

Kelvin, the head gardener at Rode Hall, Scholar Green, has hit the headlines many times with reports of his monster goosegogs, but growers were agog when he produced his Guinness Book of Records' Millennium whopper of 41 pennyweights and 11 grains.

Now, five years on Gardeners' World has caught up with Kelvin at the Lower Withington show where he became this season's champion again in Mid-Cheshire.

Sadly, his Millennium berry was a tiddler in comparison, of 29 pennyweights, after being weighed some eight times before the programme maker was satisfied with the result!

Kelvin, who also shows at Marton, raises his monsters in the garden of the stately home but even he admits the past growing season was one of the toughest on record.

The Goostrey show winner Emma Williams was the Mid-Cheshire Gooseberry Association's runner-up this year with her Montrose berry tipping the scales at 28 pennyweights 18 grains, only a whisker behind Kelvin.