REPRESENTATIVES of Holmes Chapel Partnership, Holmes Chapel Parish Council and ward councillors have met with Cheshire East highways officers over roundabout proposals.

The pre-design meeting discussed a proposed roundabout at the Chester/Station Road and London Road junction and concerns about pedestrian safety.

“As we already knew, the intention is to replace the traffic lights at London Road and Chester Road intersection with a roundabout, but its exact design and position have not yet been decided,” said partnership chairman Stuart Gammon.

“Highlighted were the pedestrian safety issues, particularly crossing London Road, adjacent to Bernard Court, and Chester Road.

“There is an intention to retain a crossing on London Road (north).

Despite an obvious need, there is no space on the south side of Chester Road – due to the narrow path, around The Milling Field, to provide a crossing close to the lights. Any further west would be impossible as the path is too narrow.

“We are concerned that, even with a roundabout, large and long vehicles will have problems turning left from London Road (northbound) into Chester Road due to the tight corner and visibility of traffic approaching the junction along Chester Road, which will no longer be forced to stop a safe distance back from the junction.

“Highways will look at ways of improving this situation. The full cost has yet to be assessed, including costs of construction, traffic management, during the works, and any purchase of land.

“Highways have agreed to have another meeting with us when the design work starts.”