KNUTSFORD will only become ‘plastic-wise’ if the people across the town buy into the idea.

So said town councillor Hayley Wells-Bradshaw as councillors discussed how Knutsford could reduce the use of plastic, especially single use.

A small number of businesses, town centre manager Sandra Curties and Cllr Andrew Malloy organised a meeting to discuss how Knutsford could become ‘plastic-wise’.

The meeting came up with a number of ideas, including introducing the ‘refill scheme’ in the town centre whereby people can fill their bottles with tap water at participating shops and cafes.

Other suggestions including looking at introducing a Knutsford shopping bag, speaking to cafes and restaurants with the aim of making the town free of plastic straws by December and them using plastic cutlery.

The meeting also mooted working with community groups, especially younger people, to set up a Clean Team, and working with larger businesses in town such as Booths, Waitrose and WH Smith to gain wider support.

Cllr Well-Bradshaw told the events and town centre management committee: “This is only going to work with a general buy-in across the town.

“It needs an education programme with our residents and people who attend events.

“I can see this having huge potential to make an impact, but it’s going to be a broad church of people working towards it.

“The time is right within the national campaigning context – people’s awareness is much higher now than it has ever been.

Cllr Malloy said: “It is generally accepted that you are not going to completely eradicate plastic, but for single use it is really not the material to use any more.

“Education is critical, and making people aware of the danger of plastic and the alternatives that are out there.

“It is difficult if you are a small independent, but if you can get more and more businesses speaking to suppliers – we need to get the word out there.”

One of the businesses in town looking to reduce the use of single use plastic is the Market Café, which is owned by recently-married Ollie and Steph Chadwick.

The café offers a 25p discount off hot drinks if you bring your own mug or reusable cup, and people can bring their own containers, if they wish, for products like cakes and sausage rolls.