MENSWEAR shop owner Harrison Wild is brewing up interest in supporting small coffee producers.

Harrison owns Oliver Wild in Knutsford, which is offering people the chance to enjoy a cup of Crow, Rook and Raven Coffee while they browse.

Harrison is a huge coffee fan, and has started selling the coffee at his Minshull Street shop, where customers can enjoy a free coffee courtesy of Harrison’s espresso machine.

“I genuinely love coffee, and believe we’re the first clothing shop in Knutsford to sell coffee,” said Harrison, who also makes television programmes and works in game development.

“When customers come in they are really surprised that we sell coffee, and are very happy to try one.

“I genuinely love coffee, and wanted to get something unusual for myself and thought I should share it with other people.

“Crow, Rook and Raven are single origin coffees, and Rook is grown in volcanic soil in a farm in Kenya that only five people work on.

“We are supporting small farms, and it’s all eco grown with no waste. The Raven coffee is from Santa Lucia and the Crow is from Guatemala. 

“I have been bringing in my espresso machine so customers can try the coffee for free.

“They are all very smooth coffees and unusual flavours. It really is good coffee, and people love it when they taste it.

“I’ve been selling the coffee for about a week, and have only five bags left. The coffee has been received amazingly and people really seem to love the flavours.

“I've ventured out to a few cafes to see if they'd be interested in stocking any guest espresso beans, and quite a few of them are interested.

“Siop Shop in the Northern Quarter of Manchester is a place I'd really love to get our coffee stocked as it's an amazing little cafe that does phenomenal fresh doughnuts.

“I am not trying to push clothes but helping people with a lifestyle they enjoy, and offering people a bit of luxury without having to spend a ridiculous amount of money.

“I love talking to people and learn a lot of interesting things by chatting to my customers – I want people to enjoy themselves when they come here.”